Origins Resource Association is a nonprofit organization of scientists, educators, and citizens concerned about what we see as the brainwashing of our society into an unquestioning belief in evolution. Our mission is to furnish resources to help counter this trend.
   ORA began in 1980 under the name Louisiana Citizens for Academic Freedom in Origins, or LCAFO. (You can see why we changed to a shorter name!) The organization was founded to furnish material and expertise to the state of Louisiana in support of the “Balanced Treatment Act.” This Act contained two main provisions: (1) Evolution could be presented in Louisiana public schools as theory but not proven scientific fact; and (2) Public school students should also be exposed to whatever evidence favored creation.
   While the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately struck down the Act on technical grounds (click the “Legal Issues” link above for details), we have continued to pursue our mission of furnishing quality educational resources and services. These include lectures, seminars, workshops, Sunday school classes, and Bible college classes on the creation/ evolution controversy both locally, across the nation, and overseas in countries such as Peru, Haiti, India, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey, Honduras, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Albania.
   As our group expanded beyond Louisiana to include members in south Mississippi and Alabama, we changed our name to Origins Resource Association. (ORA is so much easier than LCAFO!)