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Creation Science Lessons

Supplementary Materials for Science Teachers

These documents are being prepared for science teachers in S. Sudan, but they are appropriate for any one who wants to know how to present the scientific details of creation in a science classroom or a home school.

Table of Contents for teaching manual for science teachers dealing with how to include creation in science classes with minimal reference to religion. (In pdf format).TO DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT SHOWS BELOW, RIGHT-CLICK ON THE LINK THEN SELECT “Save link as” TO COPY TO YOUR LOCAL STORAGE.
Chapter 1 – Introduction to teaching manual for science teachers dealing with how to include creation in science classes with minimal reference to religion. (pdf format).Powerpoint slides for chapter 1 of teaching manual dealing with how to include creation in science classes. Science, knowledge, and logic.
Chapter 2 – Using models to study the unobservable past / Origin of the universe, matter, and energy.Powerpoint slides for chapter 2 – Origin of the universe, matter, and energy.
Chapter 3 – Biochemistry and the Origin of Life.Powerpoint slides for chapter 3 – The origin of life.
Chapter 4 – Development of Life after its origin.Powerpoint slides for chapter 4 – Biology and the development of life after its origin.
Chapter 5 – Introduction to the fossil record.Powerpoint slides for chapter 5 – Overview of the fossil record.
Chapter 6 – The fossil record of fish, amphibians, and reptiles.Powerpoint slides for chapter 6 – Fish and amphibians.
Chapter 7 – The fossil record of dinosaurs and birds.Powerpoint slides for chapter 7 – Dinosaurs and birds.
Chapter 8 – Did reptiles evolve into mammals?.Powerpoint slides for chapter 8 – Reptiles and mammals.
Chapter 9 – Fossil record of lower primates up to Oligocene monkeys.Powerpoint slides for chapter 9 – Lower primates up to Oligocene monkeys.
Chapter 10 – Fossil record of Oligocene to Miocene monkeys and apes.Powerpoint slides for chapter 10 – Fossil record of Oligocene and Miocene monkeys and apes.
Chapter 11 – (in progress) Fossil record of Pliocene and Pleistocene apes and humans
Appendix A of handout for science teachers – Common biological misconceptions.Powerpoint slides for Appendix A – Common biological misconceptions.
Appendix B of handout for science teachers – Critique of radiometric dating.Powerpoint slides for Appendix B – Critique of radiometric dating techniques.
References for above chapters
Chapter Review questions suitable for creating testsAnswer Key for chapter review questions

Introduction to General Science from a Christian Perspective

Materials developed for Legacy Ministry College as an introductory course for those who have little science background and might even be afraid of science. Also might be useful for home schoolers.

Table of Contents
Chapter 01 – IntroductionVisuals for chapter 01
Chapter 02 – Mathematics and measurement: the tools of scienceVisuals for chapter 02
Chapter 03 – Experimentation in scienceVisuals for chapter 03
Chapter 04 – Astronomy: the beginning of the sciencesVisuals for chapter 04
Chapter 05 – Introduction to classical (Newtonian) physicsVisuals for chapter 05
Chapter 06 – Introduction to basic chemistryVisuals for chapter 06
Chapter 07 – Biology Part 1 – The Origin of LifeVisuals for chapter 07
Chapter 08 – Biology Part 2 – Biology of the CellVisuals for Chapter 08
Chapter 09 – Biology Part 3 – Biology and DesignVisuals for Chapter 09
Chapter 10 – Introduction to the Fossil RecordVisuals for Chapter 10
Chapter 11 – Fossil Fish, Amphibians, ReptilesVisuals for Chapter 11
Chapter 12 – Age of the EarthVisuals for Chapter 12

Poster Presentation on “Unresolved Issues with Hypothetical Fish-to-Amphibian Evolution” for the International Conference on Creationism